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Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely doesn’t always mean you are alone, you can be surrounded by people and still feel like you’re own your own.
There are lots of reasons why you may feel alone including:
Moved to a new school or to live in a new town/city
Are currently or have been the victim of bullying
You may have a disability or suffer from a physical or mental illness
You may find it difficult to make friends or meet new people
You may feel anxious or be suffering from depression
You may not get on with your family or may be living in care
It can be difficult having to deal with any of these whilst feeling lonely and can sometimes lead to you feeling down or depressed, if you feel like this then you can get help.

If you feel lonely
There are lots of things you can do that can help:

You can talk to someone you trust such as a teacher, parent or youth worker.
You can join after school clubs or get involved in activities outside of schools such as sports, drama or music.
You can also talk to someone in one of the Liverpool CAMHS Community Plus Hubs.